New Bridge

Got the new Burnley Bridge installed. Also did some concrete shell work on the mountains. Patched the one big hole Sophie put in the side when she wanted to sniff the moss. Cured up pretty well, now for some color, concrete grey is a bit boring. Lots more work to do, I will probably tear down Gilbert and rework that, I need to find a better way to make a small city street and I also need a deeper layer of soil.

I seem to have a lot of time on my hands so I decided to construct a country store for my little town of Burnley out on the Layout. This combines the basic construction method I’ve come up with using the CNC with some 3D printed detail parts I got off of

Everything is colored with rattle can spray paint and the details and sign were printed on my good ole HP Photosmart ink jet. Generous amounts of matte spray (clear) finish were applied to the structure and each of the posters and signs. It got it’s first steady rain last night and still looks crisp, we will see how hard the weather is on it over the next few months.

Chicken Crew

So here is the chicken crew. Mostly full grown. Two Roosters and 12 Hens. Have had no fox problems since I ringed the bottom of the pen with an electric fence. Should get about a dozen eggs every other day or so with all these.

Finished (more or less) my farmhouse cottage and a small barn. These will go into the Burnley area on my layout. The Barn needs some outside lighting and a few details, the house is all wired up but needs to have the windows frosted.

I did some more work on my servo controls for the Protothrottle over the holidays. I wanted to fine tune the live steam mode a bit more and clean up a few bugs. There are three servo modes- couplers, ESC and Steam. In the Steam Mode, Channel 0 is the throttle, Channel 1 is the direction. Both of these follow the direction and throttle controls on the PT. You can adjust high and low limits and reverse each servo. Here is a screen shot of my programmer:

The electronics are very simple, one board and a 3.7v lipo.

Here is a quick video of the servos on the bench:

Here it is fired up and running outside:

And a video of a complete run around the layout loop: