UPDATE: I’ve done some more development on my figures, you find more info at these links:

3D Printed Peoples
New 3D Prints
The 3D Crew
Sitting Figures
All my 3D casts

I’ve also set up a shapeways store front if you wish to purchase 3D figure prints. You can find it here:

Shapeways 3D Figures Store

I seem to be getting interested in 3D printing again, I was doing quite a bit of it before the summer but then got my brain infected with electronics and software (I tend to do that) so I decided to revisit some of my older work. Here are a couple of people, they are meant to be a construction crew. Here are some of the actual prints:



I’ve moved this post to here, the originial page is below:

3D printing experiments. Printed this one out standing. Much better detail. This is a .010 layer 3D printer. He came out almost exactly perfect. The hat brim is a bit too thin and there are some small artifacts at the bottom of his shirt but other than that, I’m quite happy with the quality. His scale is also finally correct, he stands 5′ 11″ tall in 1:29 scale. The Aristo figures in the cab seem a tad large in comparison, Hmm, I’ll have to pull them out and measure them.