German Shepherds

The newest addition to the clan, Riley. Male German Shepherd. Black paint job with matching trim and upholstery. Quite the character already at 3 months old. We have two females so Zack’s passing left a power vacuum in the pack. He seems to be a good candidate for the alpha position. Very smart little fellow but he talks back a lot. I think that is a plus on his resume though. ha.


Zack, our big dog, has heart disease. He is under the care of a specialist in Richmond and is now on 4 heart meds. It’s going to shorten his life but we are not quite sure by how much. He’s doing quite well so far, the meds perked him right up and he is (more or less) back to his old self. With any luck we can keep it in check and since he is not a real active fellow anyhow, we are hoping for the best.

(Update: Zack passed away at the end of October 2019. We miss him.)

We brought the new puppy home this weekend. She is an 8 week old German Shepherd and spends most of her time in two states, sleeping or bouncing off the walls. Rinse, repeat at hour intervals. Sophia is her name.

New Puppy

Don’t have her quite yet. She is only 4 weeks old in this picture so another 4 to go, but this is the one. She will join our other two shepherds, Zack and Molly.