Chicken Crew

So here is the chicken crew. Mostly full grown. Two Roosters and 12 Hens. Have had no fox problems since I ringed the bottom of the pen with an electric fence. Should get about a dozen eggs every other day or so with all these.

New Chickens

New chicks. Buff Brahmas, six hens, one rooster. Or they will be, right now they are all little fluff balls. This one looks pretty serious. I’m not sure chickens really ‘think’ but it looks like she is trying.

Brahma Chicks

Ok, not engineering but eh. Here are my new Brahma Chickens. Ordered 18, they sent 21. All arrived fine and healthy. These will grow into rather large birds, the males can reach 12-14 lbs. I’m not sure why I like chickens but I do. This is the first time I’ve gotten all one breed of chicken. Last shot IS engineering I guess- my fortress Chicken Coop with automatic aluminum door, all solar powered.