I have been a software engineer and nerd most of my life. I have over 35 years in software development doing everything from real time control for factory automation to PC applications, web development and enterprise IT systems. I also do a fair amount of digital hardware design with microcontrollers, servos and motors and stuff just because it’s way fun. (I keep hoping I’ll invent something cool and make a million dollars, but so far, nada)

Anyhow, as far as personal, I’m starting to notice that I’m not 25 anymore but I still like hiking in the woods, camping and river floating. I’m also a pilot and own my own plane, a 1974 Cessna 172 Skyhawk which I rent to flight students at the local airport. I play the guitar and keyboard just enough to be dangerous and love an ice cold beer and a warm fire. I’m married, have a two German Shepherds and two cats, 12 chickens and live out in the boonies. I have a small garden, love model trains and building things in general. If you have questions or comments, feel free to email me at