Just an update as I’ve been remiss in my postings- things are warmer and work is busy so I’ve not had a lot of time to work on my various engineering projects. I have a bunch of garden and exterior grounds work to get going too, so I’m pressed for hours in the day.

I also spent an entire week getting my flying chops up to spec- a fresh medical, flight review and a cross country to a train show, whew. But it was worth it and came out well- a link is here if you are interested: East Coast Large Scale Train Show

Anyhow, I am slowly moving along on my 3D printed throttle, but still have some more development on that. But it’s getting there.

I also submitted a new 1:29 scale figure to the 3D printer, but- he de-materialized and made a mess so I guess he wasn’t set up quite properly. I have another iteration of him coming up. And a few others I hope.

As I progress in the garden and outdoor work, I’ll also be laying a small amount of G Scale track so I can start real world testing of all of this.

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