Secure your home network and connected devices

· Keep software updated

· Change default passwords (routers, all connected devices)

· Install and maintain personal Firewall & AV

· Don’t connect unknown USB drives to your computer

· Only use trusted apps

· Lock devices when away; power off or disconnect from internet when not in use

· Setup Full Disk Encryption using Apple FileVault or Microsoft Bitlocker


Guard Your Identity and Data

· Create strong, long, unique passwords/passphrases and enable multi-factor authentication

· Do business with reputable companies; be wary of links/attachments

· Limit the info you share

· Be cautious when connecting to guest wifi (don’t make purchases or enter passwords)

· Be aware of account activity

· Backup your data


Keep Your Children Safe Online

· Monitor your children’s online activity

· Leverage Parental Filters

· “Share with care” (privacy, online reputation, ethics, cyberbullying)