This was the biggest job I have ever done to an airplane. I did a bunch of plastic work on my last one (a Cessna 152) and even put in a new set of skylights once but this took the prize. Four days of 8hr work (that I am still paying for. ouch) but I think the results are well worth it.

I’ve been neglecting one of my main investments and interests, my airplane- 172ME.

So I spent some vacation time working on sprucing her up. Put in some new plastic trim and painted the headliners. New seats and wall panels are coming in June. I guess next pass will be an owner assisted 100hr with Dan the mechanic man. I need to take out everything to the bare metal on the inside and put it all back in new. And then do something about the paint on the outside. At least touch it up. Needs new seat belts too, and ADS-B. Always something 🙂